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I. Our Mission & Values

ERUDITUS is a contemporary publishing house created to advance scholarly publications free of unreasonable barriers, facilitating authors in publishing their papers without prejudice to scientific values and supporting reviewers in doing their valuable job.

We adhere to the following principles:

We publish ONLY open access articles in digital format.

Evidently, research papers must be open and free for readers, with no restrictions on sharing. We encourage authors and readers to share papers, so we provide them with relevant facilities to make papers more visible.

We minimize the time from submission to acceptance.

We know how important it is for authors to publish their papers as soon as possible. The world is changing rapidly, and research papers must progress with the same speed.

We minimize article processing charges.

We aim to support independent researchers without external funding, and to increase authors’ engagement in publishing their research papers.

We respect the freedom of research.

There is no restriction on selected subjects, related political/religious issues, conclusions, etc., as long as they comply with ethical requirements and the results are objective, based on scholarly research.

We advance Inclusive Policy.

At ERUDITUS, we do not show any preferences. We accept manuscripts from all countries and territories, and from any group or community, as long as they are in compliance with Academic, Ethical and Technical standards.

We aim to facilitate scholarly research.

We seek to increase the share of high-quality open access research in English from developing and under-developed countries. For this purpose, we provide authors with affordable services.

We are ready to help early career scholars.

We know how difficult it can be to publish that first article. At ERUDITUS, we stand ready to assist new authors by mentoring them on how to prepare their research for publishing.

We remove unnecessary limitations.

We do not have any restrictions on the length of a manuscript or its layout.


We intend to help authors recognize research’s shortcomings.

We believe that peer-review is not an exam for authors, but an evaluation of results and methods. Therefore, we prefer to give authors the opportunity to revise rather than to reject. Additionally, when it is possible, we let authors know the reasons for their rejections.


II. Memberships

ERUDITUS is the member of the following organization:




The organization for scholarly publishers that helps the community find, cite, link and assess scholarly content through the use of persistent identifiers and metadata.




Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers is the international trade association which supports and represents not-for-profit organizations that publish scholarly and professional content, and those that work with them.




An international association that exists to connect the information community and encourage the exchange of ideas on scholarly communication.

ERUDITUS is a new publishing house less than one year old, therefore is not yet eligible to join COPE, however the Publisher, all Journals and Editors follow the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) Core practices on a voluntary basis.


Iv. Partners


As part of the expansion of cooperation with scientific and educational institutions, a partnership agreement between the Mediterranean University of Montenegro and ERUDITUS has been signed. 

The agreement follows the goals of encouraging research and publication activity by organizing an enhanced cooperation between the institutions. 


III. Legal Notice

Editorial Internacional “ERUDITUS”, S.L. (hereinafter, ERUDITUS or Publisher), located at 3B, 41 Maisonnave Ave., Alicante, 03003 Spain, NIF B42778837, is a private-owned limited liability company acting as an independent publishing house and does not receive any external financial or non-financial support.

The publisher relies on the stated mission and values, does not act on behalf of any third party, and does not represent third parties’ interests.

All costs are covered by article processing charges paid by authors, as well as through advertising (if any).


ERUDITUS abides by good publishing practices, thus, all advertisements will be published in specially designated places, clearly distinct from content.

The publisher's owners are not engaged in editorial decisions, and have provided the editorial board with complete independence and authorization.

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