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1. Overview

2. Advantages 

3. Article Processing Charges (APC)

4. Requirements for publishing

5. How to submit a Manuscript

6. Review Process

7. Choose a journal

8. Author services 






1. Overview

ERUDITUS publishes scholarly peer-reviewed open access journals which provide readers with free, immediate and permanent access to their content without any embargo on the Journal’s publications. 

All articles are distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 4.0), where authors remain the copyright holders and grant third parties the right to use, reproduce, and share the article according to the Creative Commons license agreement.

2. Benefits of publishing

  • Fast review process - The review process takes approximately 21 days from submission to publication which saves authors' time.

  • Continuous online publication - All accepted articles are published immediately after production, therefore you do not need to wait for upcoming issues.

  • High visibility - All published articles will be indexed in different databases and shared on social media pages.

  • Rigorous review - All submitted papers are subject to a scrupulous peer-review process by two reviewers that are experts in the area of a particular manuscript, ensuring the quality of published papers. 

  • Affordable pricing - The article processing charges have been minimized in order to support independent researchers without external funding, and to increase authors' engagement in publishing their research papers.

  • No censorship - There is no restriction on selected subjects, related political/religious issues, conclusions etc., as long as they comply with the ethical requirements, and results are objective, based on scholarly research.

  • We do not imply any preferences. We accept manuscripts from all countries & territories, and from any group or community, as long as they are in compliance with Academic, Ethical and Technical standards.

  • Revision opportunity - We believe that peer-review is not an exam for authors, but an evaluation of results and methods. Therefore, we prefer to give authors the opportunity to revise rather than to reject. Additionally, when it is possible, we let authors know the reasons for rejections.

  • Archiving - All published articles will be deposited in permanent archive by collaborating with PKP Preservation Network in order to ensure permanent access to all publications, as well as their preservation and restoration.

  • Bilingual publication - If your manuscript is translated into English, we publish it in bilingual version in order to facilitate its visibility in your country too.

  • Preprint is acceptable - Papers published on preprint servers are acceptable for peer-review and further publication.


3. The Article Processing charge (APC) is EUR 350*. The VAT will be added if applicable.  The fee shall be paid upon acceptance of your manuscript. All authors of accepted articles will receive the relevant invoice.


*The APC for a certain number of articles are covered by an individual sponsor. Therefore, there are no charges for authors of accepted articles.


4. Requirements for publishing

  1. All submitted manuscripts must be original work that is not submitted to any other journal, in any country, in any languages, or under consideration for publication in another form, such as a monograph or chapter of a book. Authors of submitted papers are obligated not to submit their paper for publication elsewhere until an editorial decision is rendered on their submission.

  2. ​Authors must confirm that there was a full consensus of all authors to submit a paper and that the submitted version was approved by all authors.

  3. ​Usage of previously published works of other authors must be cited appropriately. Copying text, ideas, images, or data from another source – even from the authors' own publications – without giving any credit to the original source shall be considered plagiarism.

  4. ​Authors must assure that the submitted article and associated materials are original, not infringing on the copyright of anyone.​ If an article includes already published figures or images, authors are obliged to obtain the necessary permission from the copyright holder to publish them under the CC-BY license.

  5. ​Image files must not be manipulated or adjusted in any way that could lead to misinterpretation of the information provided by the original image.

  6. ​Authors should not engage in excessive self-citation, and must avoid citing advertisements or advertorial material.

  7. ​All submitted articles must consist of a well-researched subject, with objective and comprehensive discussion based on data retrieved from competent sources or generated by experiments or observations, without any manipulations.

  8. Authors should make sure that the research objects associated with their publications are openly available, unless there is ethical, legal or privacy issue. Data and methods used in the research need to be presented in sufficient detail, so that other researchers can replicate the work. . 

  9. Only those who have made a substantive contribution to the article should be listed as authors. If a person has contributed to the work but does not meet the authorship criteria, such as funders, translators, etc. may be listed in the acknowledgments.

  10. To proceed further, a submitted article shall be free from bias, stereotypes, slang, references to dominant culture, and cultural assumptions, as well as the use of certain expressions or words that might be considered exclusionary of particular groups of people. 

  11. All submitted articles must be within the Aims & Scope of the selected Journal or Special Issue, shall meet author’s guidelines, include valid links and competent sources and in grammatically correct English language.




5. How to submit a Manuscript


We accept submissions ONLY throughout the manuscript submission page.​ Please do not send your paper via e-mail.

To submit a paper, you will be required to sign up and to provide all requested information within our system. 

Submission checklist


Please ensure that:

  • You have all authors' e-mail addresses and affiliations;

  • All identifying information has been removed from the manuscript; 

  • You have read and considered the Author's Guidelines and Publishing Ethics;

  • There is a full consensus of all authors to submit a paper, and that all authors have approved the content of manuscript;

  • The manuscript is in the Microsoft Word format;

  • The submitting paper includes Declaration of interests and Funding Disclosure;

  • The data used in the manuscript are cited appropriately or provided as supplementary materials.


6. Review Process 

The review process takes approximately 21 days from submission to publication. The Manuscript Review Process consists of the Technical review, Ethical review, ​Peer-Review and Post-publishing investigation.

​The peer review process is double-blind, which means that the identities of both the reviewer and author are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.

The final decision shall be made by a topic editor or by editorial board considering the overall quality of a paper and the issued reports of reviewers. 

The factors that are considered in a peer-review process include, but are not limited to, originality, relevance, soundness, significance, and accuracy.

The possible decisions include acceptance, acceptance with revisions, resubmission required, and rejection.

The corresponding author is obliged to participate in the peer-review process and provide the editorial team with required information. Ignoring the editorial queries or refusing to provide additional information will lead to rejection.

If authors are invited to revise or resubmit a manuscript, there is no guarantee that the revised submission will be accepted.

Rejected articles will not be re-reviewed.

The editorial board provides authors with the reason for rejection, whenever possible.

To find out more about details on how to prepare and submit a manuscript, please select the relevant journal and read to the Guide for authors. 

Submission to Publication  21 days

No charges


Bilingual Publishing Feature 


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