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Journal of 
World economy: Transformations & transitions
ISSN 2792-3851

Call for Papers

​JOWETT publishes special issues of peer-reviewed research papers focused on existing conflicts in the fields of economics, finance, business, and management, with an emphasis on transformations in the participating countries and challenges for the international business, world economy, international economic and financial relations arising under the impact of such conflicts, which is evidence of the necessity for actual and open access academic research.  

The Conflict Collection Issue calls for papers investigating following conflicting subjects:


  • Europe & Russia: Does partnership meet national interests or conflict escalation?

  • China's Economic Policy: Should it be stopped or welcomed?

  • Middle & Near East: The economic side of chaos, war, sanctions, and authoritarianism.

We encourage scholars and researchers to submit their articles dedicated to the profound study of the above-named subjects, providing new and significant results. 

You are free to choose the subject and title.  

There is no limitation on the quantity of accepted papers. 
Publication date: Accepted articles will be published immediately after approval.

Submit your paper

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