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World economy: Transformations & transitions
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Edited by ERUDITUS® in Alicante, Spain

editorial Board

Assoc. Professor Larisa G. Chuvakhina

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Affiliation: Associate Professor of the Department of World Economy and International Business, Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Research interests: US economy, World economy, Energy market

E-mail: l.chuvakhina@eruditus-publishing.com


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Prof. Gil Cohen

Cohen G.


Affiliation: Head of the Management Department Western Galilee Academic College

Research interests: Capital Markets, Valuations, Technical Analysis

E-mail: gilc@wgalil.ac.il

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Assoc. Professor Marija Jankovic



Affiliation: Associate professor at University Mediterranean/Dean of Faculty of economics and business University Mediterranean


Research interests: Economics, Marketing, Marketing communications, Brand management

E-mail: marija.jankovic.mbs@gmail.com

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Prof. Jorge Morales Pedraza

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Affiliation: Independent researcher. Co-founder, main investor, and Senior Consultant in Morales Project Consulting


Research interests: Energy, Economic, Ethics, Social, and Political Issues




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Prof. Dr. Huangnan Shen



Affiliation: Department of Industrial Economics, School of Management, Fudan University; The Growth Lab, Center for International Development, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University; Core China Research Center, The School of Economics and Business, University of Navarra.


Research interests: Development Economics; Industrial Economics, Political Economy, International Trade, Organizational Economics and Chinese Economy

E-mail: huangnanjim@hotmail.co.uk

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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şişman

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Affiliation: Professor at Marmara University, Department of Economics.


Research interests: International Economics, World Economics, Development Economics, Crises, International Finance, Comparative Political Economics.

E-mail: goztepecim@gmail.com

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Dr. Ali Ahmadi



Affiliation: Researcher at Higher Institute of Business Administration of Gafsa Tunisia

Research interests: Financial Accounting, corporate governance, financial behaviourism, Corporate social responsibility, Education, Business, Management, Marketing, Supply chain, Sustainable accounting and environmental areas.

E-mail: Ali.Ahmadi@isaeg.u-gafsa.tn


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Nicolas Blampied



Affiliation: Researcher at University of Genoa, Italy



Research interests: Monetary Economics - Environmental Economics - Political Economy.


E-mail: n.blampied@eruditus-publishing.com



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