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AMORCOMTUR! and ERUDITUS® concluded a partnership agreement



As a part of the policy of expanding research and publishing cooperation, a partnership agreement has been signed between “AMORCOMTUR!” and ERUDITUS®.

“AMORCOMTUR!” is a Group of studies in communication, tourism, lovingness, and autopoiesis established in 2011 at the Brazilian University of Caxias do Sul and is registered with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development of Brazil.

The research activity of the group is not limited to collaboration with Brazilian national institutions and includes the international partnership with investigators from various countries, such as Colombia, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and India. The group is led by Prof. Dr. Maria Luiza Cardinale Baptista and proposes two methodological strategies: the Cartography of Knowledge and the Rhizomatic Matrices. The proposals of Prof. Dr. Cardinale Baptista have been developed over more than three decades of teaching and research activity in numerous Brazilian and international universities.

This consolidated group approaches its research from a complex and holistic contemporary ecosystem view. Following this premise, the studies approach three main lines: Communication, Tourism, and Subjectivity. From a broad point of view, some links arise in the composition of the analyzed phenomena, generating a transverse web of knowledge. The scientific production of this research group has been growing in recent years. In this way, the dissemination of the epistemological proposal of the group has been defended at local, national, and international levels and published in different academic forums of impact.

ERUDITUS®is a contemporary and independent publishing house in Alicante Spain with an international editorial team, that edits scholarly peer-reviewed, open access journals aiming to encourage and facilitate academic publications in the fields of economics, social sciences, and humanities.

The accepted articles of “AMORCOMTUR!” will be published in the Journal of Social Sciences: Transformations & Transitions (JOSSTT), which is open access, international, double-blind, and peer-reviewed journal by ERUDITUS® with quick-refereeing and continuous online publishing. The journal has its focus on global transformations in the field of social sciences with the consequent national and regional transitions in response to such changes. Emphasis is on research papers contributing to the systematic knowledge important substantive, theoretical, or methodological questions, as well as applied empirical and analytical research.

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